Submission Rules and Regulations

Submission Rules and Regulations


1º The film may not exceed ten minutes in length, from the beginning to the final credit. The opening credits, (not included as part of the fictional piece itself), may not exceed ninety seconds of duration, nor include audio that was not legally licensed from its owners.


2. All works that comply with the following requirements may enter; denouncement of hate crimes and discrimination against refugees, ethnic or religious minorities, denouncement of intolerance against LGBT sexual options, exposure of the consequences of racism and social exclusion, exposure of the treatment of women and human beings. The film must not last more than ten minutes, and its final date of production must take place before July 1, 2012.


3º Any work that respects the guidelines and principles of this festival, regardless of its duration, will be accepted and made available for universal viewing through the You Tube channel, since the objective is to use cinematographic creativity to change the consciousness of human beings, and environmental against the climate change .


4º The fifteen shorts that are accepted, and are the most viewed on the page, (a democratic election process by spectators from all over the globe), will form part of a single piece, (feature length film made up of the 15 shorts), which will premiere simultaneously worldwide next 25-4 2020.


5º The organization is not responsible for the use of images and/or sound, used by the creators and/or editors, if they violate intellectual property laws by not having received permission for their inclusion, a complaint removes the film from the on- line channel. We will honor the resolutions and legal verdicts for each elimination.


6º The shorts may be of any genre of fiction, animation, video-creation, or documentary, they must be under five years old, that is, edited from July 2012 onward, other quality pieces may be included, even though they are older and not part of the competition, so that they may be viewed on the channel.


7º The short films that will be included will serve as denouncements against exclusion, xenophobia, racism, and incitement to hate crimes, or be about their victims, the persecution of migrants, the effects of war, torture, and the persecution of ethnic minorities, sexual minorities or religious groups, by groups, by totalitarian governments, or by legal measures of sovereign democracies that violate human rights and international agreements, that provide asylum or protect political refugees, in contradiction with the laws signed by these nations.


8º The shorts must assume the message of social denunciation of abuses against human beings. Those that do not provide documented evidence to support the facts narrated in the film, case in point facts about real governments, or their security forces, or that apologize for extremist ideologies as a remedy to these facts, will be excluded. 


9º The festival channel will host films annually, and in successive editions distinguishing its chronology, and the works, unless expressly requested by the authors, will remain the property of the authors to be used at their discretion, the only condition being that the top fifteen most viewed films on the online channel, be joined into a unique piece, ordered from the most viewed to the least viewed, and the credits will be shown at the end of the fifteenth short. The admission of shorts will end on June 30, and July 14 will be the world premiere of the compiled film, made up of the fifteen most viewed shorts on the YouTube page, via all the rooms or groups that agree to respect the terms and conditions of their exhibition.


10º Any NGO, collective, union, or association will be able to download through the link that we will share on april 15, to participate in the world premiere on , 25-4 2020.


11º The works will be sent through electronic mail via WETRANSFER, to the e-mail


12º Any incidence not covered in these rules and regulations, will be resolved via technical commission.