HOPE-FIRST Who we are?


We are a group of diverse activists, from organizations that fight hate and discrimination, to public figures who during their time created the foundations for the pacification process in the Basque Country, and several artists, (mainly related to cinematography), who have launched the "Hope-First" project, during a time of radical and exclusive nationalism, "us versus them", fear of refugees as a terrorist "fifth column", and processes like the drift of the hopeful and, “Arab Springs”, that have led to terrible and bloody civil wars, and that can be a prelude to a scenario of division between different communities, religions, and cultures, whose point of inflection and no return could provoke a catastrophic war of "everyone against everyone", parting from the fallacy of "us versus them", events already proven in Libya, Syria, Sudan, and Ukraine, or in identity ruptures against common projects such as "Brexit" within the European Union, or the "Process" within Spain, which, amongst other conflicts, reflect a number of nations at war, or nations divided by internal fractures, only surpassed during World War II, (1939-45), and a total number of refugees on the planet, that summed up, is superior to the displacement that took place during that universal conflagration, that resulted in the loss of one hundred million human lives.


This project starts with the first universal short-film festival against hate, racism, and homophobia, "Hope-First", referring to both Greek mythology, when all the demons who wanted to destroy humanity were locked in Pandora's box, to HOPE, with the purpose of defeating these demons if the box were ever to be broken, and were there still to be a sense of conscience amongst humans, so as to counteract arguments of exclusion and hatred, similar to the "we first"?, which has culminated with "America First".

"HOPE-FIRST" is an online festival, whose common thread is the defense of human rights as a principle, and as universal law, above sovereignties recognized by the rest of the community of nations, but where in too many cases women are treated like cattle, children are soldiers or slave laborers, or the death penalty is an indiscriminate punishment against hundreds, or thousands, of people every year.

This festival is located on a YouTube page, and is open to all filmmakers who want to collaborate with this idea of ​​universality, brotherhood, and human fraternity. Any work that defends human rights, in any format, and of any length will be admitted. Films must have been produced after June 2012, and must not exceed ten minutes of viewing.


The fifteen most viewed short films will be unified into a single piece, and will premiere simultaneously on november 11. 11-11, the end of WW I.


Any collective, association, or organization around the world that would like to collaborate that day on this project, will be able to broadcast this feature film online, or download it from the internet to process it in DCP, and project it in cinemas that day, the 11 november.


Our honorary president is Mr Baltasar Garzon bio link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baltasar_Garz%C3%B3n